The GUM Young Scientist Workshop is regularly organized by the GUM working group “Young Scientists” (approx.once per year). The workshop is aimed at graduate students, PhD students and junior postdocs (up to 3 years after receiving their PhD) and offers the opportunity to present current results of their research projects as well as the opportunity to network with scientists at a similar career stage. The workshop consists of a short presentation of recent results, followed by extensive feedback by a panel of senior GUM members from industry, academia and regulatory agencies, the GUM Executive Committee and the GUM Education, Student and New Investigator Affairs Committee. The best oral presentation will receive the GUM presentation award.

Previous winners of the best oral presentation at GUM Young Scientist Workshops are:

  • Leen Sarmini, 2021, at the 7th GUM Young Scientist Workshop in Karlsruhe
  • Miriam Lemmers, 2019 at the 6th  GUM Young Scientist Workshop in Basel
  • Hannah Finke, 2017, at the 5th GUM Young Scientist Workshop in Würzburg
  • Lisa Hölz-Armstrong, 2016, at the 4th GUM Young Scientist Workshop in Munich
  • Bettina Fischer, 2015, at the 3rd GUM Young Scientist Workshop in Potsdam
  • Hanna Lohren, 2014, at the 2nd GUM Young Scientist Workshop in Düsseldorf and 2013, at the 1st GUM Young Scientist Workshop in Mainz

Young Scientist Session at GUM Meetings

Besides poster presentations, at each GUM meeting young scientists and young investigators have the opportunity to present their work as short oral presentation in a dedicated session.