Herewith we proudly announce the foundation of the new industrial GUM Working Group “iGUM”. The working group was officially formed in 2021 from more informal discussion formats that existed previously and is currently consisting of approx. 20 GUM members from the chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry, as well as colleagues from academia, consulting, and contract research laboratories.

iGUM is committed to discuss topics within the field of mutagenesis and genetic toxicology relevant for the industrial areas. These topics are manifold and cover, amongst others, new technology trends, regulatory frameworks as well as ideas for incorporation and application of those methodologies in industrial genotoxicity and the respective regulatory context. In addition, iGUM is a forum for the scientific and regulatory exchange of experience across the various industrial sectors.

iGUM is dedicated to bringing awareness of those topics to the genetic toxicology community by organizing the industry session of the GUM meetings as well as publication of the data and opinions. We invite everyone to join the Working Group but expect an active contribution to the goals and discussions.