GUM awards for young scientists

  • The GUM Young Scientist Award is aimed at young scientists and young investigators, who are members of GUM for a minimum of 1 year, and honours outstanding contributions in the field of mutation and cancer research up to 3 years after receipt of the PhD degree. The awardees will receive the honour at the upcoming GUM meeting and are invited to give an award lecture at the conference. Once the call is announced, nominations can be made by a mentor or the young scientists/young investigators her-/himself to the GUM Board until the indicated deadline. Applications should include a CV and publication list as well as a nomination letter highlighting the applicant’s early career contributions in the field of mutation and cancer research.

GUM Young Scientist Award winners

  • N. Seiwert, 2021, awarded at the 32. GUM Meeting in Karlsruhe
  • E.E. Bankoglu, 2019, awarded at the 31. GUM Meeting in Basel, Switzerland
  • H. Al-Serori, 2018, awarded at the 30. GUM Meeting in Potsdam
  • A. Krais, 2016, awarded at the 29. GUM Meeting in Munich
  • F. Schumacher, 2015, awarded at the 28. GUM Meeting in Düsseldorf
  • J. Bornhorst, 2013, awarded at the 27. GUM Meeting in Strasbourg-Illkirch, France
  • H. Hintzsche, 2012, awarded at the 26. GUM Meeting in Mainz
  • Neuß, 2010, awarded at the 25. GUM Meeting in Potsdam
  • K. Trenz, 2009, awarded at the 24. GUM Meeting in Vienna
  • A. Rapp, 2006, awarded at the 22. GUM Meeting in Darmstadt
  • T. Schwerdtle, 2004, awarded at the 21. GUM Meeting in Würzburg
  • V. M. Arlt, 2001, awarded at the 19. GUM Meeting in Karlsruhe
  • M. Stumm, 1998, awarded at the 17. GUM Meeting in Salzburg
  • A. A. Friedl, 1997, awarded at the 16. GUM Meeting in Basel
  • K. Wölfel, 1992, awarded at the 22. EEMS Meeting in Berlin